Rock Me Amadeus Cast Members Join Forces In New Music Video “A Rockin’ Holiday Medley”
Rock, Opera, and Classical Stars Release 'Roxanne'/'Carmen' Mashup
Opera, Classical and Rock Stars Debut New Music Video 'Roxanne/Carmen'
Soprano Alyson Cambridge to Co-Produce ‘Rock Me Amadeus’
Twisted Sister Singer Dee Snider set to appear in ROCK ME AMADEUS
All-Star Musical Fusion Extravaganza ROCK ME AMADEUS is Coming Summer 2021
Dee Snider To Take Part In All-Star Musical Fusion Extravaganza 'Rock Me Amadeus'
Interview with Alyson Cambridge and Tony Bruno, Creators and Co-Producers of the Musical Concert Fusion Experience ‘Rock Me Amadeus’.
Jake's Take Interview with Alyson Cambridge & Tony Bruno, Producers of ROCK ME AMADEUS
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